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NFT Philippines

The Bored Collection

Be part of the pioneering and premier Filipino NFT movement
Bored Punks of Society
Pioneering Filipino NFT pfp collectibles showcasing pop culture, memes, and iconic art style with the goal of spreading social awareness on education and financial literacy, and leading the Filipino NFT scene towards the spotlight while making an impact in our society.
Bored Medal of Prestige
Pinoy NFT Metaverse
BPOS x Coziest: Bored and Cozy
Bored Medal of Prestige
Bored Punk Pioneers
With the brand's goal to connect the digital to the physical and onboard the Filipino people to the world of crypto and web3, this unique collaboration between a web2 and web3 brands not only gives you the NFT, but also gives you the utility to claim an exclusive physical product with it!
A Bored Punks of Society's way to give recognition on its contributing bored community members who help on its movement to educate, invest, and thrive towards paving the way for crypto and NFT adoption in the Philippines.
The first 100 pioneering community members who helped make Bored Punks of Society what it is today. This showcases the first 120 iterations of the earliest Bored Punk collectibles that are proudly owned by the early supporters, educators, and the back bone of the community.

Be Part of the Pioneering Filipino NFT Movement

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