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Bored Punks of Society Metaverse Background

Bored Punks of Society

about us

We are a community driven social movement x social club focused on educating, thriving, and spreading the beauty of cryptocurrencies, metaverse, investing, and financial literacy to the mass through onboarding and NFTs.

Join the Filipino NFT movement, Bored Punks of Society

As a community

We aim on making an impact on our society by paving the way for crypto and NFT adoption in the Philippines, and progressing financial literacy nationally and internationally.

NFT in the Philippines
Pioneering Filipino NFT Brand - Bored Punks of Society

As a NFT

We aim to be a world-class NFT brand representing the Philippines inside and outside of crypto and the metaverse. A catalyst for onboarding more people in our vision.

Bored Punks of Society NFT Team Members
NFT Philippines
Filipino NFT Community
NFT Philippines
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