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Exclusive perks and discounts from 50+ brand partners and affiliates such as Anytime Fitness, Hilton Manila, and Hyatt Regency Manila.

Exclusive members will also have access to exclusive channels and participate on exclusive events and giveaways.


BPOS has a wide network of connections of crypto enthusiasts, professionals, sophisticated investors, corporate executives, licensed financial advisors, influencers, passionate individuals, and notable people in the space you can learn and thrive with.

Bored Punks Notable People


A status and prestige inside and outside of the Philippine NFT scene.

Your verifiable proof of being part of the premier Filipino NFT social club that is making an impact on our society and bridging the gap to financial literacy in the Philippines.

Get Bored Benefits & Perks

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     and benefits here

Bored Exclusive Card

How to Avail Perks & Benefits?

You must own at least one Bored Punks of Society NFT and verify you are a @Bored Holder HERE.

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